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a post for batfeels part two

[ a continuation of the batfamily saga ]
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The visit to Dick in concern is hidden under the well-crafted lie of coming to check on and retrieve Titus. He's not unlike his father: coming in ghostly quiet for such a strong personality, closing the door in such a trained way it makes no noise, walking across the floor just the same.

What sadly gives him away is damnable Titus. The dog rises silently from the distant sound of Damian's feet, heard with such acute senses. His lumbering Dane frame parks it a foot or so in front of the door, waiting with the utmost patience; the closer Damian gets, the more his tail jitters, and when it opens, his tail swishes wildly back and forth along the floor.

Damian greets the dog with two hands on the snout and behind the ears, affectionate, much to Titus' pleasure, eyes cast quickly to the bed to see if Dick is resting or awake.
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c'mere you adorable hellspawn

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Amazingly enough, Dick's resting. He's gotten used to the sound of Titus meandering around in his space, the snuffling and big sighs of the big dog curled up on the chair next to his bed. He manages to sleep through the noise, but his sleep isn't incredibly restful at the moment. Damian's entrance to the room has him twisting slightly, expression worried, stressed as he dreams. He's prone to it, right now, terrible dreams he never really remembers when he wakes up, but enough to unsettle.

Titus sneezes in excitement at Damian's greeting, and Dick jolts, wakes, with a little gasp of breath. Where - he has to get his bearings, and for those couple of seconds, he looks like much more of a mess than he really likes to be in front of Damian. Hasn't noticed the poor kid yet, trying to pull himself up to sit (with some struggle) so he can grab the water on the bedside table.
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Unsurprisingly, Damian is already offering Dick the water, face pulled pensive and very Waynely worried.

"Titus doesn't know how to be silent yet," he excuses, "but I'm teaching him," and the dog gives a low, gentle whine of hurt. Damian, however, pats the dog's head reassuringly when Titus noses under an arm.

"How are you feeling?" he asks, sounding professionally clinical. "Todd and Drake have left for New York. They said to tell you they would call when they reached a destination for stopping." His eyes flicker briefly over Dick, reading. "Corrigan has inspected the gem as well as given me some information regarding any more possessions or run ins with familiars or mages."

A considering pause. A small frown too old for his young face.
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but :c

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There's a lot that goes on in Dick's expression all at once. He's startled by Damian at first, jumping slightly - he quickly tries to school himself into something a little more put-together, smiling weakly at Damian's reassurance, and he's going to answer but the fact that Jason and Tim are gone...

He takes a minute to swallow hard and take the water, sipping from it slow. Immediately he misses them, the feeling deep and yawning in his chest, and he knows Damian's going to see it in his face. Damian's quick, good at this sort of thing. His voice is doing much better, so when he answers he's just quiet rather than hoarse, tired still. He wishes he could get to a point where he's not so achy that he could get a full amount of sleep.

"I feel as fine as I can be," Dick tells Damian finally, offering another little smile. "Was the information you got from Jim helpful?"
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While Damian is a bit both hurt and sad he startled Dick, his face doesn't budge at all in true Batman fashion. The man at least sounds reasonably better.

"Yes, naturally," and Titus gets another rub or two before a quiet, Lie down is issued. The dog obeys, turning large eyes up over at Dick watchfully. "I put the information into Father's computer for the rest of you. Pennyworth says he is going to bring you something to eat shortly.

"He also says if you behave, we may let you outside," and a small, mischievous smirk comes to the edges of his lips. A sassy joke. But he understands how restlessly painful it must be for Dick to be so immobile. He would feel exactly the same. Irritatingly trying to get up, to recover, to be useful and brave and strong like he thinks his father is--speaking of:

"Father had Wayne business to attend to, so he left for a while, but will return soon. That means it's just you, me, and Pennyworth," and the way he says it sounds just as mischievous as his smirk had been. A tight frown, however, comes to his mouth.

"I'm sorry," he says suddenly and tersely. It sounds extensively practiced and, while also genuine, it sounds awkward being spoken by him. "I'm sorry--you were unintentionally a part of our plan."
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Good, good, Dick mumbles at Damian's assurance that the talk with Jim went well. The crystal's going to be taken care of, and Tim and Jason are taking care of Black, and Dick's hoping for some loose ends to be tied up nicely. Might not happen - life rarely works out that well - but he likes to be optimistic sometimes.

But Damian jokes with him, and Dick laughs, a huff of a sound. He's been behaving! Mostly out of necessity; it's hurt too much to drag himself out of bed the past two days so he's been mostly immobile. It's driving him absolutely nuts. There's only so much research he can do before he wants more, and he's hitting the point where he really just wants to crawl out of bed and go jump off a few rooftops in the freezing cold. Once an adrenaline junkie, always an adrenaline junkie.

And as he's taking in the information that Bruce is gone (on business, probably something that could've waited but he wanted out of the manor just as much as the rest of them), Dick slowly shakes his head.

"No, you don't need to apologize," Dick says gently, watching him. "The both of you were right, I should have stayed in bed." A pause. "Why did you keep this a secret? You could've told me what was going on - I trust your judgement, Damian."
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"I trust my judgment as well," he says quickly. "But I did not trust that you wouldn't do something stupid by trying to get involved when you were already injured," and the look he gives Dick seems to ask if that isn't true. "I didn't confide in you because you would have just tried to help, and our intentions were to go, get, and be finished.

"We didn't tell you for your own safety, but--" Obviously, that didn't go as intended. Damian frowns again. "Father already criticized the option I told Drake to take initially: drugging you like we did Todd. It isn't honest, but it's effective, and I would have much rather had you busting down doors like that brute than running out with us and being possessed.

"If there's a next time, I will be better prepared," and he glances down like this travesty of lack of preparation has tarnished him extensively. He's quiet for a long moment, then lifts his head again.

"I was just-- I didn't think Drake could do it alone, and I was only trying to handle the situation as Father would."
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Dick wrinkles his nose. "You're half-right. Tim couldn't have done it on his own, but I don't know that you should always handle the situation like Batman."

A beat, as he thinks about that. "Don't call Jason a brute. Whether any of you like it or not, we're a family, and we need to work on working together. My point is more than if you had explained to me what it was you were doing, I could have helped by being informed and staying out of the way, Damian. As it is, I was kept in the dark, and now I'm stuck in this bed."

He's trying very hard to keep the irritation out of his voice. "Your father is a good example for a lot of things, D, but even he has his shortcomings." Huff.
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The only reason Damian bristles so quickly is because he's stubborn. Deep down, he knows his father has flaws. This is something Damian refuses to acknowledge. Not his father. Not Bruce Wayne. Not Batman. His father is a crowning achievement in strength and intelligence. His father is a crowning achievement in strength and intelligence.

(But Damian can't say with certainty if Bruce is a crowning achievement in love and nurturing. Deep down: He is. He is. He is.)

"Don't speak of Father that way," he parrots back, voice terse. The snap is quick, dies away easily. He turns his attention in another direction, already feeling like a liar because he partially believes what Dick is telling him. "Father is perfect," he murmurs, and it sounds like he's trying to convince himself most of all. Father is who I want to grow up to be, he insists.
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Dick sighs and brings his good hand up to rub at his face. His other hand, now safely in a cast, stays on the bed because it's still too much of an effort to lift it up.

"Nobody is perfect," Dick argues. And while he doesn't exactly want to discourage Damian from growing up to be like Bruce (because he doesn't, Bruce is a fantastic role model for someone like Damian), he doesn't really want a Bruce-clone running around Gotham city. He knows Damian is capable of a hell of a lot more than exact-replica of his father. Deserves more than being the second round.

"I know we've all been raised drowning in secrets," Dick tells Damian wearily. "It's second nature to want to keep them to protect the people you love. But the most important thing when it comes to secrets is knowing when to tell them, when it's better to be upfront. You might not be doing your best to protect those people you love by keeping them out. It's a skill you have to practice, just like anything."

Dick settles back into his pillows, with another sigh. "Bruce is the closest thing we have to perfect, sure. He's passionate, he's brilliant, and he's good, but there's more to being a good guy than not killing the bad guys. There's more to - to the whole damn human experience than justice."
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There is just something about Dick's logic Damian can't argue with despite knowing he could find a thousand things to mindlessly argue.

His frown deepens, but he says nothing while Dick talks, trusting too much in the integrity of Dick Grayson. Integrity that he swore to Bruce that he had. So Dick becomes a role model as well.

After a moment, he looks back at Dick. If he was less of a child soldier, he may be able to say: I haven't ever had much in the way of human experience, but doing so is admitting a weakness he doesn't even think he has.

Always, it has been about strength, and honor, and skill. Intelligence, cunning, resourcefulness. His success depends, he was told, on these things. And now, people all around tease him, try to tell him differently. It isn't only about these things.

"Why?" he asks, not mocking, genuine. "What is more important than greatness?"
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It's fine, because Dick knows Damian hasn't had much in the way of human experience. He's been shuttered from place to place, been treated like a thing rather than a human, a child. He's just a kid. An intelligent, capable kid, just like all of them were, but... still. Sometimes Dick forgets. Sometimes he's like Batman, like Bruce in the moment, forgetting the age of his teammates and asking them for far more than they're capable of.

But not right now. No, right now, Dick is incredibly aware of the ten year old in front of him asking him what's more important than greatness. Dick remembers being ten, remembers living up to those high standards, and remembers having to remember to take enjoyment. To not always be Robin.

"Plenty," Dick says firmly. "Love. Family. Compassion, joy - so many things. There are so many things that you can't get just from the never-ending war of good and evil."

The fact that he can say this with a straight face (and only a hint of self-deprecating sarcasm) is really a mark of who Dick is.
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Damian's face contorts gently at the edges when Dick gives him reasons. Love. Family. Compassion. Joy. What the hell is joy to Damian Wayne? (Fighting, being stronger than an opponent, being smarter and more cunning...)

"That's ridiculous," is the only thing he can think to say, but it comes out a lot weaker than how he means. Yet--aren't those things his father would say, too? Aren't those the very things his father has said to him?

Damian: Love. Family. Compassion. Even to the enemy. (Which he still doesn't agree with in the slightest.)

"You can't protect those things without greatness," he argues. "If they're so important--you have to be great to protect them!"
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It is ridiculous, or at least it sounds that way - Dick agrees, but it's true. People don't say it because it sounds corny, but Dick's never shied away from corny. From feeling, genuinely and truthfully.

"You're right," Dick tells him, settling back into the pillows. "But greatness also comes from those things. They're not mutually exclusive - you become great through compassion and strength and love, and you continue to uphold those things with that greatness."

He smiles a little. "I'm not saying anything you don't already believe. You just can't get caught up in who can hit the hardest or send the most bad guys to jail. That's just bragging."
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Damian can't say Dick doesn't have a point. The balancing act is the hardest part for him. That balancing act. How does he shrug off the heavy mantle of Assassin his mother gave him and replace it with the mantle of the cowl? How does he protect all of those things by being all of those things, too?

"Bragging is when you claim or exaggerate what you don't have," he says matter-of-factly. "I don't brag. I'm confident in what I do." Sometimes. Usually. But he looks to the side, frowns. "Fine," he says gently. "I suppose I can try to understand what you're saying," as his way of casually letting Grayson know he'll think about it.
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It makes Dick cough up a laugh, because he speaks Damian-ese pretty well and he knows exactly what it means. He's glad that for whatever reason, Damian listens to him. Or pretends like he's not listening and then does anyway, the point is that Damian seems to respect him. And Dick's glad he's managed to earn that respect.

"Thanks for the consideration," Dick teases. "The Mighty Robin has conceded to at least try to listen to old Nightwing - that's all I can ask for."

A beat, as Dick shifts, and then, in a way that suggests he's trying to hide his concern: "... How are things with Bruce and you, anyway?"